Concepts of career counseling

Concepts of career counselingSituation: You are the Career Counselor for a branch of a Fortune 500 company, XYZ Widget Inc. At
this time, there is no career development program, or career counseling program. Your branch of
the organization is a medium sized branch with about 250 employees. You have a very diverse work
force, both in ethnic groups and in age ranges.

Your Task: The Human Resource Manager for your branch has noticed that the current branch Standard
Operating Procedure (SOP) is outdated. You have been assigned the task of determining a model for
both career development and career counseling at your branch. You are required to provide a
definition of each, and also provide thoughts on career counseling theories that may / would be
beneficial for the branch. In addition, you are expected to explain which theories would not
benefit the branch, in your opinion, and why.

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