Critical Essay

Critical Essays Part of School Life

Teachers will normally give assignments and projects to their students to assess the extent to which they understand the concepts learnt in class. Teachers will give different assignments including essays, research papers, and term papers. Critical essays are often given to students before the grading period. Critical essays have a significant effect on the overall grade a student scores.

Why Do Teachers Require Critical Essays?

Many educators and teachers consider critical essays as a tool for assessing the students’ understanding and knowledge in specific subject matters. They understand that giving a series of quizzes and tests may not reveal the extent to which students understood the concepts learnt in class. Giving critical essays as class assignments gives students an opportunity to express their understanding of the subject matters through serious writing. Some of the following are the reasons teachers give critical essays to their students. We are the best in research proposal writing, research paper writing and dissertation writing.

Testing students’ proficiency

Teachers will be able to assess the proficiency of their students through critical essays. The students express their ideas through which teachers can assess the organization of thoughts and logic. The teachers will verify whether the students have understood the guidelines associated with critical essay writing. Moreover, they will assess the students’ use of grammar, formatting styles, punctuation, and other important things crucial to writing.

Assessment of students’ ability to set priorities and organize schedules

Teachers assign critical essays before the grading period. However, students are required to attend to other subjects and activities during the same period. The tight schedules should not be an excuse for students not completing their essays. Many students tend to download critical essay sample papers or resources from the Web. However, these papers may have plagiarism and result in dire consequences for the students. teachers will assess the extent to which students were able to prioritize activities and organize their schedules depending on the quality of essay they deliver.

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