Critical Report on e-Learning course

Draft a critical report based upon analysis of instructional design approaches, models, etc utilisied in this e-Learning course:
The report shall also include recommendations for improving effectiveness, engagement, etc of the specific e-Learning course again with a view to effective instructional design.
The report structure will be attached as a seperate document, however the report should primarily focus upon the evaluation of the elearning above against selected instructional design criteria and, to a lesser
degree, recommendations for improving the effectiveness, engagement, etc. of the
same piece of e-learning through effective instructional design.
Overall, the process for the development of the report should be as follows:
a. Offer a general overview and a critique of the e-learning material, identifying its strong points and weak points from an instructional design point of view.
b. Identify appropriate instructional design criteria against which to evaluate this piece e-learning material.
c. Evaluate the chosen piece e-learning material against the selected instructional design criteria.
d. Offer a number of conclusions based on the foregoing.
e. Offer some recommendations with regard to how this piece e-learning material may be improved through improved instructional design.
Evaluation criteria can include, but are not limited to, areas such as:
? Assumptions/ viewpoints related to the major modern pedagogical schools.
? Use of educational frameworks/ principles/ models/ concepts.
? Presentation and structuring of learning content.
? Selection and use of media.
? Use of appropriate language and terminology.
? Use of teaching and learning activities.
? Use of instructional design models.
? Etc.

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