Cross- Culture assignment

Cross- Culture assignmentWrite about managment practice with HOFSTEDE

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i wrote all the discribtion inside the file that i uploaded.

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Egypt Culture

you can understand and take ideas from here
don’t focus on just the information in the link ,no please I need now information to help the management practice in the 5 below.

Then write management practice what can we provide for them and give them to fit the situation that Egypt’s culture hasin the 5 below.
(in professional way with simple words please)

1- Uncertainty Avoidance( talk more about management practice in this case with small details)
Because they have high Uncertainty Avoidance (score of 70), the management practice should be :

-give them objectives and goals with clear rules / procedures / steps to follow
-give them routine tasks

2- Power distance( talk more about management practice in this case)

because they have high power of distance (score of 70), the management practice should be :
(write things that refer tohierarchy structure that we should consider and provide it to them)

Sine they have high power distance so it has to beharari structure they accept power of manager that means managers shoud not take Subordinates opinions and
It should not be Flixible work enviroment.
3- Collectivism( talk more about management practice in this case)
Egyptis Collectivism culture (score of 75) . based on that it’s a task –oriented that focus on group
Performance evaluation on group works
Workplace should promote the group working.
should be communication between group.

4- Femininity/ Masculinity( talk more about management practice in this case)

what we should give them to encourage both of them

Femininity (score of 55) and Masculinity (score of 45) both of them is high.

based on Masculinity:
based on Femininity :
5-long term orientation

Egypt has (score of 7) which is very low. They are task traditionally.
giving them Routine task and they are not innovation.
giving them steps and procedures.

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