Design a multistage voltage amplifier

ECE 333 SPRING 2017 Project Submit by Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 BY 3:00 PMTeam Member 1. _________________________________________________G # _________ (Please Print) (Last 3 digits only) Team Member 2. _________________________________________________G #__________ (Please Print) (Last 3 digits only)
Design a multistage voltage amplifier for the following specifications:
1. Voltage Gain > 100 V/V 2. Input resistance > 108 ohms 3. Output Resistance < 200 ohms 4. D.C. Voltage Source ±5 V 5. Output peak to peak voltage swing > 5 V 6. Use minimum number of resistors. 7. Number of active devices not to exceed 15. You can use more devices if you use current sources. 8. Channel length (L) = 0.8 µm, (W/L)min = 1, (W/L)max = 100 Your Written Project Report Should Include the Following (in the same order):
1. One to two pages on introduction to amplifiers (NOT A COPY FROM THE INTERNET). 2. Your results in a tabular form. 3. Conclusions, discussion of results and comments. 4. Hand calculations showing all results. Important results should be underlined. 5. PSPICE design circuit i.e. simulated diagrams, saved files etc. 6. Separate Graphs: input signal and out signal from every stage, frequency response plot. 7. Cost Analysis. You can charge your time at the rate of $ 25.00 per hour.
This project is due by Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, by 3:00 p.m. Late projects will not be accepted, without prior approval of the instructor. You can discuss this project with other students but you are not allowed to copy their results.
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