Digital Medium or Blog or Web page (TUMBLER,INSTAGRAM OR WIX )

Finding Nemo is the name of the movie that you are going to write about, and the concepts that you want to use are taken from the book under this link:

the link has the chapters listed on the left side of the page which contains all the information. Also, you will need to use 4 outside sources for ache concept
just reminder the the 4 sources for each concept has to be different from the article and the book .
This you to be use this article as outside sours.
also the book that you need to use is:
Gemelke, Tenessa. Stay Close : 40 Clever Ways to Connect with Kids When You’Re Apart. Minneapolis, MN, Search Institute, 2005
1- types of Nonverbal communication ch6
2- Communications in friendship Ch10
3-type of listening Ch 7
4-Emotion ch8

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