Structure your paper in an easy to read format with headings like this, (remember you are trying to influence the reader):
• Take your issue, state the basic points, and give a brief history of it.
• Then examine what other opinions you may find – compare and contrast these. What about the case history influenced these and perhaps other opinions?
• What is your opinion on the issue? Please back it up.
• Use multiple sources, especially newspapers and law journals that reflect your opinion and illustrate the point of your paper. Integrate information from other classes into you paper. The use of any Web site must be approved.
Paper should be typed (using no large fonts, e. g., Chicago), double-spaced and with a minimum margin of .75” on all sides.
the issue is going to be about discrimination and i will upload a list of case that you might want to mention some of them. this the ISBN for the book: 978-1-4833-8401-6

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