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When do you need one?

Dissertation writing is a crucial skill that every person who wishes to complete their PhD must have. PhD students must engage in the complex activity of dissertation writing, which involves several activities from the selection of the topic, conducting the initial study into the topic, developing solutions and eventually giving support to their propositions. Therefore, the quality of the dissertation is an embodiment of the quality of research work that the student does.

The most critical step in dissertation writing is selecting the topic and establishing the problem that requires solutions. This step requires students to be extremely attentive because the dissertation topic must be simple and cover every aspect, despite the complexity of the solution. The topic must, therefore, be simple, clear and straight to the point so that it grasps the attention of the tutor. When students fail to give simple and clear topics, ambiguities emerge making the dissertation writing a futile affair. Therefore, dissertation writing can only be successful when the student defines the problem in a clear and visible manner. Moreover, failure to give a clear definition of the problem makes dissertation writing incoherent.

During the identification of the problem, it is important to focus on all the possible information regarding the particular problem because dissertation writing depends on a subject that can be addressed by strenuous research. Dissertation writing is one of the most complex academic processes which require PhD students to be skillful, patient and diligent when writing the proposal, abstract, introduction, and discussion of their dissertation.

One commonly held misconception regarding dissertation writing is that it should be long. However, the most crucial factor is that students should focus on brief and clear explanations that dwell on the important facts instead of delving into unimportant details. Therefore, a quality dissertation is not necessarily long, but incorporates a brief but concise presentation of all facts and the methods the student employed.

Dissertation writing is a complex task that requires the student to apply the knowledge gained and deeply study every fact. Students must strive to balance between good skills in writing and implementing the knowledge they have gained. Dissertation writing requires students to apply their gained knowledge, unlike regular examinations which do not necessarily test the ability of a student to analyze a given situation in their writing. PHD students must, therefore, know that dissertation writing is no longer a tool for qualification, but a very crucial art that they require. These students must keep in mind their target audience in order to stay in line with their desires while focusing on the crucial facts only.

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