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Dissertation Writing tips

Writing a dissertation starts with a proposal. Some of the following tips would help you write a high-quality dissertation.

Topic Selection

In selecting the topic, consult widely with the supervisor and experts about the expected scope. Ensure the topic focuses on a specific aspect in a specified context rather than an abstract idea. The title should communicate about what the dissertation covers in one sentence.

Planning and researching

The dissertation is a commitment that demands meticulous plan. Develop a timetable to guide you in the research. Establish an initial reading list during the consultation with the supervisor. Make sure the reading list is wide and relevant to the topic. In conducting the research, establish specific questions in mind to avoid time wastage in the collection of irrelevant information. You could write your dissertation iteratively while collecting the required information.



Include the title of the dissertation, name, course name, date, supervisor’s name, and the name of the institution.


The abstract is the shortest part of the dissertation, which provides a summary of the entire dissertation. It should be a stand-alone representation of what was covered. You may consider writing the abstract last as a summary of what has been done. Alternatively, you could write it first to help in guiding the structure of the entire dissertation.


Mentions the individuals who were helpful in the completion of the dissertation.

Table of contents, figures, and tables:

Each should occupy an independent page or section. The content page highlights the organization of the dissertation.


The introduction presents the problem of the study, objectives, purpose, and the structure of the paper.

Main body:

The structure of the main body could differ depending on the type of study conducted but often contains:

  • Literature Review: Describe and reviews the relevant literature with the gaps in the literature being identified
  • Methodology: It entails a description of the processes, procedures, and materials used in the completion of the study
  • Results and findings: Presents the evidence, facts, and analysis of the data or information collected through paragraphs, sections, as well as figures and tables.
  • Discussion: The discussion reviews the findings in the wider context while relating it to the literature reviewed.


The conclusion is shorter than the discussion but summarizes the entire dissertation by highlighting the main points emerging from the research.


The section provides the references for all the materials cited in the study. Some of the references may be lost in the in-text citations during editing. Therefore, you should recheck whether all the materials included in the list are included in the text.


The section includes the materials considered important in the study but would otherwise disrupt the flow when included within the main body.

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