Egyptian art and Architecture – What is Egyptian art

    Egyptian art and Architecture – What is Egyptian artTopic
    Egyptian art and Architecture
    12 point font; one-inch margins; double-spaced; 7-8 pages total plus
    Material to cover:
    What is Egyptian art and architecture?
    What Egyptian art represent?
    What does art mean to Egyptian?
    Discuss about: pharaoh Ramses 2nd (sculpture) and pyramid and tomb
    Answer these questions based on Ramses 2nd and pyramid: Material/s your object is made of? What is it? Why was it made? Can it be seen as recording an event or a specific person or place? The size, color, texture/s, etc. that impact its reception today and in its own
    time. How is its use reflected (or not)? What was happening in the time and place it was made? Can we see
    evidence in the object itself? Was this work of art an example of a larger movement in art history? How
    can we recognize that by looking at this object? History of Ramses 2nd Tomb: royal tomb, private tomb and the pyramid of Khufu
    Who built these?
    What was the purpose, belief and history behind these?
    What tools were used to build the pyramid?
    Temple architecture: cult temples and funerary temples
    How were temples built?
    Who build these and what was the purpose? Use these two books and any academic sources relates to topic
    Egyptian art in the age of the pyramids
    Egyptian_Art_in_the_Age_of_ the_Pyramids.pdf

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