EM203 reflection

EM203 reflection
Final Analysis and Reflection (16 points)
Your final analysis and reflection should be 300 – 500 words and submitted to the appropriate dropbox in MYLS by the date listed in the Calendar.

Think back over the first 10 weeks of Twitter Challenges. Analyze the learning process by discussing: a) the time spent on the process, b) how you approached each challenge, c) which if any of the challengers were more challenging than others, d) the results of the process, e) how it contributed to your learning in any way, f) whether you would communicate this way outside the course, etc. You should also reflect on how to use what you have learned so far, so that you will be successful in the challenges associated with weeks 11 and 12. (These challenges are more difficult in the sense that in Week 11, you need to get one of your tweets re-tweeted, and in Week 12, you need to receive a tweet from an “expert” related to the problem you have identified.)

The main idea here is to create a summary of the process and outcomes of using Twitter to communicate throughout the course. Your reflection will be assessed for critical thinking regarding on-line communication.

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