Essay Paper

The Students’ Nightmare

Thousands of essays are being assigned to students all over the world. Even the above average students are not spared from the constant essays they have to deal with on the daily. However, essays are not the only thing that students have to deal with in their academic life. They also have to submit other assignments including research papers and term papers for the different subjects they take. Moreover, they also have to spend time with their families while struggling with the load of assignments. The question is on how students can deal with such a hustle in their life within the limited time they have.

Students continue facing challenges in completing their assignments on time. For most students, dealing with the academic workload and balancing it with other activities in their life is extremely difficult. Consequently, it becomes rather challenging for students to complete even simple essays on time and ensuring quality in the papers.

What Students Find Challenging in Essay Writing

Students cite different reasons as to why they find essay writing as a difficult enterprise. First, students suggest that essay writing consumes most of their time because they have to research and write several drafts before making a final submission. Some students need essays within short deadlines, which make it extremely challenging to deliver quality essays. Many students also suggest that they lack adequate skills in writing quality essays because of lack of experience.

Second, some students suggest that essay writing limits the time they have in attending to other school events or family activities. Spending a large proportion of their time in essay writing makes them miss other activities that are equally important in their lives. They have to make the activities a second priority, which could lead to conflicts with their desires and families. Third, students suggest that essay writing is a challenge by itself. Admittedly, students acknowledge that essay writing requires a skill set that most of them lack. As such, they often experience challenges in organizing their ideas to make logical arguments in their essays.

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