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Essay Writing a Common Requirement

Essays are the commonest assignments that students get whether in high school, college, or university. Students have to write several essays every semester or school term for different subjects. Teachers require the students to write thorough and high quality essays despite the limited time they have to accomplish the task. In assigning essays, teachers seek to assess the following.

Students understanding of a topic

An essay for a specific topic highlights the students’ perceptions towards the topic. The teacher can assess whether the student understood the concepts learnt if the essay focuses on a specific material.

Students coherence and creativity

Students have to illustrate their writing skills via the essays they submit to the tutors. The teachers assess the organization of ideas and the logical flow of ideas in the essay. The students must show the extent to which they understand writing a thesis statement and the usage of words in sentences. Essays give an opportunity for teachers to assess the creativity of the students.

Assessment of fluency

Essay writing enables students to illustrate their fluency in the use of language. Indeed, essays are an integral part of languages, especially English subjects. Most of the ESL students may face challenges in writing fluent research papers.

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