ethics of healthcare

ethics of healthcareYou are a licensed primary care physician trained and practicing in CultureTown, USA. An immigrant family from the Sudan has recently relocated to your town with their only child, a four-year old girl. The parents come to see you seeking information on FGM, and requesting that you perform the procedure on their daughter.

Answer the following questions:
Unsure of how to respond to the family, you decide to ask your colleagues for their opinions on how you should proceed. Asking the family to wait for a moment, you leave in search of your colleagues, knowing that some of them hold positions that conflict with your own. Of the doctors listed below, which of them would you most like to consult with, and which of them would you rather avoid? In providing your selection, explain the colleague’s position and why you do or do not agree with it. What will you say to the family?
Dr.Virtue (who believes in Care-Based Virtue Ethics)
Dr. Law

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