how to find a new home in America

how to find a new home in Americatopic is talking about the international students who came from Dubai to study in America. what they should look for what they will expect in America
Also, they should look for affordable apartments because they will pay for the house not their family back home and the utilities. also, for me it was new experience , when i came to USA i lived with my twin cousin they was studying in america for 2 year and they helped me with everything also, my homework back then. i lived in Washington dc, for long time it was 4 years i remembered it was fun i study English level there until academic level. so, i developed myself from zero to be able to communicate with others in English.
Back for the point i lived with them in their apartment they showed me how to pay the rent and paying goods for the house such as, food from Walmart because the food will last for a month and how to cook. they look for the best apartment that is about 10 minutes from the college. the Apartment had garage for 2 cars and had 4 bedrooms because their family come every summer to enjoy America with them. so it was new experience. so i recommend the new student to look for apartment affordable and live with friends to dived the rents between them and try to look for apartments near to the University. (write it pay your style and try to make it to story and advice the students how to look for a home here and add more stuff for it make it pages

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