How to get a goodnight sleep

Sleep is a vital activity for every human being. It is essential to help the body rejuvenate and synchronise. On a daily basis, the body is ever engaged in different actions. At the end of the day someone ends up overworking specific parts or all parts of the body. When humans take some time to sleep, they wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to start on a new day (Swales 466).
It is common to go to bed at night and lack sleep or sleep very late in the night. Students, for example tend to sleep late in the night. Assignments, extra study and group discussions are among the factors that attribute to the habit of retiring to bed late (Klein N.P.). Others use that time to socialize and go out to have fun. This occurs especially with campus students who have the freedom to do whatever they want while under little or no supervision.
The lack of a good night sleep is negative. It can lead to the body feeling fatigued. Sleep deprivation in the night also causes the affected to retain information in the mind. This is because the mind becomes too tired to store of remember things (“NHS Choices” N.p.). That ability to remember requires energy which the mind has none. Under extreme cases of sleep deficiency, one can develop health issues. This includes being obese, acquiring early mortality and even becoming diabetic.
It is therefore important to avoid sleepless nights and deprived sleep. Ways to get a good night sleep include; creating a routine. With a clearly outlined routine, humans are able to create steady sleeping patterns. The body adjusts with time. For example, a person who has it in schedule to sleep at 9:00 pm will find his body wanting to shut off at that that time every day (Mayo Clnic Staff N.p.). This helps one not to lack sleep at night.
Secondly, reading a book under soft light induces sleep. It soothes the reader to slumber. This happens easily because the mind of the individual is calm and relaxed. Reading reduces stress faster and more effectively.  Within a few minutes of reading the individual will begin to feel sleepy and hence give in.
Another way to have a good night sleep is to avoid sleeping in. once an individual sleeps in he or she disrupts their pattern. It may lead to somebody sleeping late because they have no sleep at that time they are ready for bed. The body loses co-ordination. It becomes confused. When one chooses to sleep the body is not prepared.
To enable one to sleep well, listening to slow low music will do the trick. The music pace makes all the difference. Slow music lowers the rate at which the heart is beating and slows breath. This makes the body give in to sleep.
The fifth remedy would be to avoid taking caffeine before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant. Instead of relaxing the body, it will make one feel more hyper and the need to be active. Drinks to be avoided are coffee, tea and soft drinks. The level of caffeine differs with each drink.
Another is creating a dark environment in the room one sleeps in. A hormone called melatonin is produced by the brain’s pineal gland when there is little or no exposure to light in the room. The intensity of production of this hormone depends on the concentration of light getting into the resting chambers. The hormone continues to be released throughout the night. This gives someone a beauty sleep.
Taking a warm bath before getting into bed is also beneficial. It relaxes the muscles and helps one feel relieved from the dirt one accumulated during the day. It helps adjust body temperatures. This is because the water used is warm and the bed one gets in is cool. That drop in temperature sends signals to the body that it needs to relax and sleep.
According to research the smell of lavender stimulates the body to sleep. It is known to produce soothing, restful and tranquilising effects when it is produced. It could be used during baths in form of shampoo or soap and also applied onto clothes or beddings. That works to give a good night sleep.
The position in which one sleeps with determines if they will sleep well or lack sleep. The spine should be in a non-aligned position. Muscles and ligaments relax when one is asleep. Straining the spine and back muscles makes one sleep uncomfortably.
Lastly, the tenth remedy that will help to get a good night sleep is to sleep on proper beddings and a comfortable bed. The bed should be firm to hold the one sleeping and should not make any noises which can be heard when one turns. The beddings should be soft and warm. They should also be clean. Dirty or dusty beddings prevent the one sleeping from inhaling comfortably. They may hence develop breathing problems. The noises from a weak unstable bed on the other hand prevent someone from sleeping comfortably through the night. The noise can be quite irritating.
All these remedies taken up will bring about improvements in an individual’s sleep. It in turn makes one have a happier and healthier life. The individual is more productive because he or she is well rested and body is co-ordinating in the right way. The mind is also very clear and able to retain information and think clearly.
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