human resources department

human resources departmentWrite a memo notifying the human resources department that there is a mistake in an insurance claim
you filed. Explain exactly what the error is, and give precise figures.Please use the write format
as I provide. you have 6 hours to complete it.
The memo consists of two parts

1) The header

sample header:

To: John Smith, Business Director cc:Bill Green, Comm.

Phil Zell, Asst. Business Director Amy Keller, Comm.

Sidney Ross, Comm.

FROM: Cliff Keevan, Communications, Mgr.

Date:April 12,2015

Subject:Change in 2015 Communications Budget

2) the message: should be divided to three parts.


The introduction of your memo should do the following:

Tell readers clearly about the problem, procedure, question, or policy that prompted you to write.
Explain briefly any background information the reader needs to know.
Be specific about what you are going to accomplish in your memo.Do not hesitate to come right out
and say, “This memo explains new email security procedures” or “This memo summarizes the action
taken in Evansville to reduce air pollution.” See how clearly this is done in Figure


In the discussion section (the body) of your memo, help readers in these ways:

State why a problem or procedure is important, who will be affected by it, and what caused it and
Indicate why and what changes are necessary.
Give precise dates, times, locations, and costs.See how Janet Hempstead’s memo in Figure 4.2
carefully describes an existing prob- lem and explains the proper procedure for cleaning the brake
machines, and how Mike Gonzalez in Figure 4.3 offers carefully researched evidence on how Ramco can
increase its favorable publicity in the community.

In your conclusion, state specifically how you want the reader to respond to your memo. To get
readers to act appropriately, you can do one or more of the following:

Ask readers to call you if they have any questions, as in Figure 4.2.
Request a reply—in writing, over the telephone, via email, or in person—bya specific date, as in
Figure 4.3.
Provide a list of recommendations that the readers are to accept, revise, orreject,

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