Independent learning module Level 5

Independent learning module Level 5
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marketing campaign or say try to investigate accompany e.g. `Why is Nike the No1 Leisure footwear/trainer producer in the world?’
You can find all marking criteria for level 5 in the module guide which I attached to the email.

Please use academic sources and books only. Don’t use sources such as vikipedia. I will have to upload all assignments to turnitin system, so please be careful about plagiarism. All tables, pictures, diagrams etc. should be marked as figure 1, figure 2, table 1 etc. and under every figure there should be a short note about that table. Name, references and year etc. also all figures should be linked in the text as figure 1, 2 etc. that when my tutor will read the text, he would know that these tables, diagrams isn’t only like a decoration, in other words, all figures should be explained in text.
Also, at least 2 references in each page is essential.

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