italicized vocabulary word has been used correctly or incorrectly

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    italicized vocabulary word has been used correctly or incorrectly
    For each of the following decide whether the italicized vocabulary word has been used correctly or incorrectly. Not all of the vocabulary words will be used. Following the news report about the crash on the highway, the police department was inundated with phone calls from worried friends of travelers. a. correct b. incorrect Detective Jonas Miner was very frustrated because he was unable to capture the indigent jewelry thief. a. correct b. incorrect When the animals started going into hibernation early, it was a clear harbinger that we would have an early winter this year. a. correct b. incorrect When the President of the United States visited our city, the hotels were packed with the entourage of security men and news reporters. a. correct b. incorrect After the soccer ball hit him in the head, Martin lay inert on the ground for several minutes. a. correct b. incorrect Even though he was unable to move, Martin was still very aware and comprehensive of what was happening around him. a. correct b. incorrect We were apprehensive about going snowmobiling because of the possible chance of imminent weather. a. correct b. incorrect Anthony exacerbated the already tense situation by accusing the official of discrimination. a. correct b. incorrect With his nefarious reputation preceding him, Ian Walker was honored for his valuable and significant contribution to society. a. correct b. incorrect Underlying her seemingly calm nature, Sheila has a very turbulent nature. a. correct b. incorrect from “The Unknown Citizen” What is the speaker’s tone? a. sympathetic b. disinterested c. incoherent d. optimistic What is the author’s (not speaker’s) purpose in writing this poem? a. He is promoting the need for more factory workers. b. He is honoring this man for his productive life. c. He is condemning the man for not working hard. d. He is criticizing the dehumanization of society. Why does the poem emphasize that the man’s various actions were “normal,” “proper,” or “right?” a. to emphasize the value of honesty and integrity b. to illustrate society’s pressure for conformity c. to encourage proper etiquette and behavior d. to promote ethics and morality in the workplace How are the last two lines significant? a. They help the reader see how statistics cannot determine a man’s true happiness. b. They suggest anyone can be happy if they follow the man’s example. c. They illustrate how happy and satisfied the man was in life. d. They explain how statistics can accurately portray one’s life. from “The Speech of Polly Baker” Which of the following is not one of the arguments Polly Baker uses in her defense? a. She is contributing more numbers to the King’s subjects. b. The Magistrates have all been guilty of the same offence she has. c. Bachelors commit a greater crime by having no children at all. d. Her crime should be judged as a religious, not criminal, offense. e. none of the above What is Baker’s tone towards the judges? a. apologetic and ashamed b. desperate and destitute c. falsely sincere and mocking d. humorous and disgusted Who is the author of the speech? a. supposedly Polly Baker b. likely Benjamin Franklin c. definitely the court judge d. both a and b from The American Crisis Number 1 With which of the following statements would Thomas Paine agree? a. The harder you work for something, the more you appreciate it. b. Every individual must be willing to sacrifice for the greater good. c. The ends justify the means, no matter how high the cost. d. He would agree with all of the above. e. He would agree with none of the above. What reason(s) does Paine give for his confidence that God will help the Americans and not the British? a. The British king is evil and unjust and has usurped God’s unlimited power. b. Heaven rates freedom highly. c. God will not give the colonists up to the devils. d. All of the above are true. What is the purpose of Paine’s essay? a. to flatter the Tories into denouncing support of England b. to express despair over Washington’s retreat c. to persuade the British army to admit defeat d. to persuade American citizens to support the army and the American cause e. Paine’s essay has no persuasive purpose. Which of the following is not one of the rhetorical devices Paine uses? a. oxymoron b. imagery c. rhetorical question d. metaphor from “The Moral Challenges for the Next Century” What do freedom and liberty need to exist? a. great leaders b. the rule of law c. a new country d. strong economy When electing leaders, what is important to look at in a future leader? a. expediency b. pragmatism c. enduring values d. “followership” What are the moral underpinnings of society? a. liberty and the rule of law b. honesty and forgiveness c. truth and freedom of speech d. expediency and pragmatism According to Thatcher, why do some countries with abundant natural resources fail to succeed? a. The government failed to plan for the future. b. The government encouraged too much creativity. c. The government planned the people into poverty d. The government fostered free enterprise. Why should democratic countries maintain trade and communication with communist or dictatorship countries? a. Stregthening trade relationships with communist countries builds the economic strength of democratic nations. b. Through the example of free enterprise businesses, communist countries will improve their economic system. c. Alienating communist countries will lead to a full-scale world war which could destroy democratic nations. d. Encouraging free enterprise within communist countries will help lead to reforms and eventual full democracy. from Star Trek’s Lessons for the Disability Community Which situation best illustrates the Lake Wobegon Effect? a. A student is disappointed he didn’t make the school basketball team. b. A mother protests to a teacher her child should have earned an A. c. A politician calls for the need for reforms in education and taxation. d. A pharmaceutical company develops a drug which helps treat cancer. According to Suter, why are dreams important? a. They help people sleep. b. They reflect one’s values. c. They foster imagination. d. They create discontent. Which of the following factors contribute(s) to the discrimination of disabled people? a. stereotyping b. overprotection c. appeasement d. all of the above e. none of the above What is Suter’s tone? a. confident b. amusing c. scolding d. arrogant Which of the following proposals does Suter suggest? a. Increase funding for research facilities searching for cures for disabilities. b. The creation of an institute designed to help the disabled achieve their dreams. c. Programs enabling disabled people to work while keeping their Medicaid benefits. d. An aggressive ad campaign blasting the traditional stereotypes of disabled people. from “Their Finest Hour” What is the purpose of Churchill’s speech? a. to blame the French for poor military leadership b. to strengthen confidence in Britain’s military might c. to defend his political position as prime minister d. to analyze recent battle strategies and developments What is “their finest hour” that Churchill refers to? a. the Battle of Britain during WWII b. Britain’s continued loyalty to France c. the Allies’ eventual triumph in WWI d. the courage of the French Resistance Why does Churchill review the state of the British Army, Navy, and Air Force? a. to update Parliament on Britain’s readiness for a prolonged war b. to advise Parliament to surrender now and avoid excessive casualties c. to persuade the United States to join the war against Nazi Germany d. to convince more Britons to join the army to fight in World War II What will be the consequence if Britain capitulates to Germany? a. The United States will be the only country left to fight Germany. b. All of Europe will be held accountable for Germany’s domination. c. The British Resistance will undermine German authority indefinitely. d. The entire world will be subjected to the darkness of German despotism. from Blood Brothers Who was the founder of the Zionist movement? a. Theodore Herzl b. Lord Balfour c. Chaim Weizmann d. Lord Rothschild While on the Mount of Beatitudes, what specifically does Elias realize he can do to help reconcile the Palestinian people? a. restore their human dignity b. build up their national pride c. improve their education d. teach them how to forgive How do Faraj and Elias differ in their approaches to dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? a. Faraj wants to join the underground resistance; Elias wants to conform to religious expectations. b. Faraj believes they should wait patiently; Elias believes they should take peaceful action. c. Faraj wants to forget the conflict entirely; Elias wants to join the freedom fighters. d. Faraj no longer wants to become a priest; Elias wants to become the Archbishop. What reason is given for why the Palestinian youth resort to drugs, alcohol, violence, and vandalism? a. They are angry and resentful of the Israeli military authority. b. They are simply learning from the examples of their families. c. They are frustrated because they lack a good education and a future. d. They are simply demonstrating the qualities of rebellious teenagers. from Sentence Fluency What are two advantages of fluent sentences? a. enhanced clarity and conciseness b. improved word choice and voice c. smoother flow and direction d. clearer purpose and coherence e. both a and c Choose the sentence which combines the following sentences into one fluent sentence. I was employed by the Food Mart supermarket. I held the position of service clerk. It was my job to operate a cash register. I priced items and stocked shelves. a. I enjoyed working at the Food Mart supermarket because I worked as a service clerk and could operate the cash register, and price items, and stock shelves. b. When I was employed as a service clerk at the Food Mart supermarket, I operated the cash register, priced items, and stocked shelves. c. Operating a cash register, pricing items, and stocking shelves were my jobs when I worked at the Food Mart supermarket where I was employed as a service clerk. d. When I was employed as a service clerk, my jobs included operating the cash register, pricing items, and stocking shelves; I worked at the Food Mart supermarket. Choose the sentence which combines the following sentences into one fluent sentence. Boats with excessive horsepower should be banned from our lakes and ponds. This would be one way to decrease noise and water pollution. It could also save precious fuel. a. By banning boats with excessive horsepower from our lakes and ponds, we could decrease noise and water pollution and save precious fuel. b. Banning boats with excessive horsepower from our lakes and ponds would save precious fuel; it would also be one way to decrease noise and water pollution. c. We could save precious fuel if we would ban boats with excessive horsepower from our lakes and ponds, while we also decreased noise and water pollution. d. One way to decrease noise and water pollution and to save precious fuel would be to ban boats with excessive horsepower from our lakes and ponds. from Writing in the Active Voice Why is the active voice generally more desirable than the passive voice? a. It is more clear and lively. b. It improves your writing style. c. It is more direct. d. All of the above are true. Why would the following sentence be acceptable, even though it is in the passive voice? The Lincoln Memorial was built to honor our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. a. It is not acceptable. The passive voice is never acceptable. b. Who actually constructed it is of nosignificance. c. No one constructed it. Identify whether the next two sentences are active or passive. The bike was crashed by Jeremy. a. active b. passive Communism, after surviving for many decades, was overthrown by people who wanted a different system of government. a. active b. passive

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