Literature search (not review) comparing specific search sites which will follow in additional file

I would like you to perform a literature search (not review) in the following databases:- CINAHL, MEDLINE, EMBASE & BNI for data relating to re-excision of surgical margins in breast cancer surgery, specifically to compare traditional wide local excision (lumpectomy) with therapeutic mammoplasty.
I would like the time scale of the search to be from the year 2000 and limited to UK language.
Search terms would include breast cancer, lumpectomy, wide local excision, wide local incision, therapeutic mammoplasty, wire guided local excision.
Specifically looking at those patients who have to return to theatre after surgery as pathology shows positive margins. NOT looking at cancer recurrence.
Would like a table of the literature search including the search terms and numbers against the databases listed above articles narrowed down to 30 most relevant with references included.
I was informed that the references are free so would like these included and a table of the searches please.

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