For the selected multi-national organization – Starbucks, each team will analyze the internal and external environment, as well as the performance and strategy used by the organization’s leaders in marketing, finance and operations.  Each team will submit a written report as well as make a presentation.
Score 1: Work collaboratively as a team through individual contributions and by fostering a constructive team environment (MBA-1G);
Score 2: Recognize social and ethical issues, evaluate economic impact, and address competing perspectives in the context of decisions made by the organization, including ethical considerations of these decisions* (MBA-2G, MBA-Ethics);
Score 3: Conduct company-specific and business environment analysis using appropriate resources and data in the context of the organization, leading to an evaluation of the decisions made by the leaders and propose/defend new strategies (MBA-2M);
Score 4: Perform an extensive analysis of the company’s past financial performance and project the future financial picture (revenues and costs) in the context of the recommended strategies (MBA-FINC, MBA-MRKT, MBA-POM, MBA-MGMT).

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