Mary, Queen of Scotts

Mary, Queen of Scotts
Instructor’s Note:
“This project is an exploration of canon formation—specifically, the ways in which some
literary writers and works are considered “major” while others are marginalized as
“minor” or even “unimportant.” Your task, then, will be to select a woman writer from the general time period of the course and write a paper that (1) presents a short account of the writer’s career within the context of her time, (2) provides a detailed analysis of at least one of her works, and (3) argues for her inclusion in (or exclusion from) the canon of major English writers.

8-10 pages, double-spaced (about 1,800 to 2,200 words).
Three parts:
1. Life and times of your writer (2 pages)
2. Analysis of one of her works (6-7 pages)
3. Your formed judgement of her works among the major writers in British literature up to 1800 (1 page).

All sources must be documented. While the MLA form is preferred, any reasonable
and clear form for citing sources will be acceptable.”

Personal note: while I prefer the paper to be on Mary, Queen of Scotts, the other options for the writer also include:
– Mary de France
– Julian of Norwich
– Margery Kempe
– Mary I (Mary Tudor)
– Lady Jane Grey
– Queen Elizabeth I
– Mary (Sidney) Herbert
– Aemilia Lanyer
– Mary Wroth
– Elizabeth Cary
– Katherine Philips
– Margaret Cavendish
– Aphra Behn
– Mary Astell
– Anne Finch
– Eliza Haywood
– Mary Wortley
– Montagu
– Anne Ingram
– Mary Leapor
– Frances Burney

^a paper on any one of these women writers is fine.

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