Microorganism Essay Assignment

Microorganism Essay AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to describe how a microorganism infection manifests as a disease or pathological condition.

Imagine you are a microorganism that has just invaded someone’s body. You are either a virus, a parasite, or type of bacteria. You are writing a short autobiography about your life, your experience within this body, and the havoc you intend to wreak in your human host.

Write this microorganism’s autobiography as a 2 page essay. The following items must be included:
a) Your specific type of microorganism (name and category)
b) Where in the body you intend to reside
c) What you must do to survive
d) What kind of problems you will cause for your host
e) What your greatest fear is

f) How you think your life will end

APA format and list References

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