musical work performed by American

musical work performed by American

The purpose of this extra credit is for you to consider the concepts of “American” music


Write an essay:
– 250 words minimum/ 500 words maximum (must fit on one side of a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper–NO FOLDERS just a single sheet)

– Word-processed (not handwritten) single-spaced 12-point font
– Put your name on it

1. Must be about a musical work written and performed by American(s) AFTER the year 2000.

2. In your essay, discuss the following, in this order:

Brief Introduction:
– Background about the piece (date, composer, performer, what category of music this piece represents)
– Briefly say why you chose this particular work

Main Body
– What traits about this work are “American”? (What “American” values is this work promoting?)

– What did you learn about the artist(s) and about American music from researching and writing this paper?

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