Non-Plagiarized Essay

Why Originality Matters

When it comes to writing academic papers, originality is the best way of ensuring that you receive fair grades. Moreover, avoiding plagiarism prevents your expulsion from school. Copying other people’s work is regarded as academic dishonesty, which has dire consequences for a student’s academic life. Nowadays, instructors in high schools, college, universities know that students can acquire information from the Internet and copy it for submission. Therefore, they have become more rigorous in checking the originality of the papers that are submitted by students.

Plagiarism has a multiplicity of negative consequences. First, you are likely to receive a fail (low grades) when you submit a paper with plagiarized information. Plagiarism could also lead to fines and expulsion from the school. It is futile to spend a lot of money and effort in school only to be expelled because of a plagiarized paper.

How Instructors Detect Plagiarism

There are many ways an instructor can use to detect plagiarism. For instance, teachers can become members of portals such as that helps people in detecting plagiarism. Moreover, instructors can detect plagiarism through downloading and using the multiplicity of plagiarism detection programs freely available on the Internet. Some professors who have read extensively are known to identify plagiarism through checking the papers manually, although this may be ineffective.

The Help We Offer

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