Oceanography Quizzes

Oceanography Quizzes
need all the section quizzes and chapter quizzes completed for my Oceanography class.

First off, the quizzes are based off the textbook, “Essentials of Oceanography”, by Alan P. Trujillo and Harold V. Thurman.
The section quizzes are each timed 10 minutes with 10 questions, and allow 2 attempts each. The chapter quizzes are each timed 25 minutes with 25 questions, but, only allow 1 attempt.

The chapter quizzes use the same questions from each of the section quizzes, so keep that in mind to help you. Also I highly prefer an A on each of these assignments.

The location to of the assignments follow:



User Login: e2381866

Password: andrewpar1s


Once you log in, click on the courses tab at the top left.

Then click on the Oceanography course.

Once you do that, click on the quizzes tab on the left-hand side.

Scroll down until you see “Quiz: 7.3-7.4”.

That is where you will begin.


Don’t hesitate to complete this early if it’s more convenient for you. I won’t have a problem with that at all. Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best regards,

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