On-Line Profile

Writing related to business and public administration 1-2pages
Writing related to business and public administration including documented research reports, summaries and analytical papers for 1-2 pages.

Topic:On-Line Profile

Many businesses are recognizing that traditional resumes are becoming outdated or are no longer an accurate way to evaluate potential employees. To get to know
potential employees better, several companies are asking applicants to submit an “on-line, electronic profile.” In addition to searching Google for applicant
background, firms are looking at applicants’ Facebook page, Twitter and Linked-In accounts. Your firm has discovered that the majority of resumes submitted in the past
few years have been largely inaccurate, misleading, and filled with misinformation. Because of this, your firm has been unable to hire qualified workers, which has
caused many problems. The Hiring Manager, Sheila Lass, has decided to stop accepting traditional resumes. Instead, she will ask potential employees to submit an “on-
line, electronic profile.” She feels she can get to know the “real” person by examining their profile.

Write her a correctly formatted memo informing her of your position on this issue. Include several, wellreasoned ideas that either support or oppose her plan.

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