Paper on Anabolic Steroids and Athletes

3000-5000 word paper on endocrinology of anabolic steroid and their use in athletes. Basically just give relevant information and review recent research. I have 5 page rough draft done (2600 words+) with a lot of sources already found just looking for someone to clean it up and add a little to it or redo whole thing. This is a matter of want and not need since I could just finish the 400 words and be done so please bid appropriately. Â

Specific Guidelines for preparing the paper

  • Submission: Papers must be submitted to through Blackboard. In the ‘Content’ section, there will be an assignment folder for submission of the paper.
  • File format: Submit your paper as a PDF file if you can. Otherwise, Microsoft Word, Pages, OpenOffice, GoogleDocs, TXT files are acceptable.
  • File name: your file using the following format: AdvisorLastName_StudentLastName_StudentFirstInitial.
  • Length: 3,000-5,000 words excluding references.
  • Plagiarism: All papers will automatically be run through the “SafeAssignâ€Â program to check for plagiarism. Be attentive to this issue and except for the citations themselves, avoid any direct extraction of text from published sources.
  • Organization: Use the attached template for first page, but otherwise the paper can be organized according to your own preferences.

    ‣ A simple organization is probably the best, something like the following.

    • –  An Introduction that presents the problem and makes it clear why it is important and

      provides an outline of what will be covered in the paper,

    • –  A Background section that provides the reader with the information necessary to understand what you are talking about.
    • –  A Body section that describes the specific details of your topic and presents the key pieces of data from published studies.
    • –  A Conclusion that ties the whole thing up into a neat simple message that a reader can remember and maybe a bit of speculation if appropriate.
  • Title page: Every paper must include a title page using the general format shown in the attached template. The summary/abstract should be a distillation of the entire paper, providing a concise statement of the topic, its significance, the main points/findings, and the overall conclusion. This will be distributed to each student before the symposia starts, to be used as a study guide for the exam questions that will be taken from each presentation.
  • Illustrations: Diagrams or drawings to explain key models or concepts, and data figures to illustrate key scientific results should be included. These can be imported directly from the original sources or you can create them yourself. In either case they need to be properly cited.
  • Citations: Citations for key literature sources must be provided.

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