Instructions: Read the attached Perez Family Case Study and review what has happened to the family system since Ramon died. After reading the case study, answer the questions that follow. Your entry will be evaluated for clarity, integration of information from the text and scholarly literature, and for evidence of proofreading.
-0.5 for every 3rd grammatical error.
Make a list of all of the major transitions and trajectories experienced by the following family members: Carmen (2 points), Luis (2 points) and Ramon (2 points).
b.Apply Kübler-Ross AND Westberg Models of the Grieving Process to Carmen’s situation .                        (4 points @ 2 points for each model). Page 706
In "b" you are to address each of the 5 stage’s of the Kübler-Ross Model, as well as each of the 10 stage’s of the Westberg Model regarding Carmen’s situation.
You do not need to feel that each stage in the two different models apply to her grieving situation.
If you do not feel that they apply tell me why you do not feel that they are applicable, and if they are applicable explain why.
You are to number and name each stage in each model. (.40 x 5 stages = 2 pts) (.20 x 10 stages =
Zastrow, C. & Kirst-Ashman, K. K., (2015). Understanding human behavior and the social environment 10th Ed.). Cengage (ISBN 978-1-305-10191-3)

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