Professional Research & Communication course

Professional Research & Communication course – Purdue MS


This assignment likely seemed to fit well in the “wheel house” of your knowledge and experience. Ok, let’s take it to the next level…

It is unlikely that you are working in the pharmaceutical industry, so we are going to use this business sector to do a little research, and write another report. First, a little background; the primary difference between “brand name prescription” drugs and “generic” drugs is US patent protection. In other words, once the patent protection for a medicinal drug expires, that company loses the ‘monopoly’ on that medicinal drug and competitors are able to synthesize and sell the drug at any price they choose (almost always at a lower cost).


Please carry out research to explain (1) WHY new (brand name) prescription drugs are relatively expensive (In other words how are costs to consumers justified?), (2) WHY generic drugs are relatively inexpensive, and (3) how US patent law influences these distinctions, and influences medication costs in the US (I realize I began to explain this in the previous paragraph).

Write a 4-5 page paper on your research findings.

I insist that each time you give a generalized example in your report, you use a specific example to give credence to your point. For example, if I state “clam shells are stronger that oyster shells”, it is simply trivia until I follow this statement with “ for example, it takes 1,400 pounds per square inch to crush a live fresh water shell, yet only 650 pounds per square inch to crush a live oyster shell” (And include reference/cited materials). Please note – I have no idea if this ‘shellfish’ statement is true, I’m simply using this as an example narrative – somewhat ironic.

Additional comments

Any and all cited works must be referenced in your report. In addition, PLEASE UTILIZE the IEEE document formatting guidelines when completing your assignment. Note WIKIPEDIA is not a credible source of information. If you find information in the “wiki” world, look closely, the original reports are usually listed…


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