Research essay exploring the- role of monsters

An argumentative research essay exploring the “Role of Monsters” and I have chosen to talk about Jeffery Dahmer. The paper should be organized around a thesis statement that specifically addresses the role of monsters in terms of cultural influence or impact. Broad topics for this assignment include those we’ve discussed in class, such as gender roles, or perhaps the problem of power, or leadership, or communal relations, or individuality, and so on. With a topic chosen that provides an interpretive context, you would then use that context as a lens to focus your analysis and direct your research, interrogating how the monster reveals, troubles, complicates, or reinforces a specific idea. In other words, make explicit the implicit message this monster has about your subject or theme (which you will uncover through analysis).Martens, W. H. J. “Loneliness and Associated Violent Antisocial Behavior: Analysis of the Case Reports of Jeffrey Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen.” International Journal of Offender Therapy and Compara-tive Criminology 49.3 (2005): 298-307. Web.
It can be theorized that loneliness plays a significant role in the development and continuation of violent, antisocial attitudes and behavior. Analysis of case reports of two serial killers, Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer, indicate that there is evidence for such a link. In this article, a list of significant correlates of lo-neliness and antisocial behavior is presented. This may be useful for the assessment of possible dange-rousness and in the development of prevention and intervention programs. Suggestions are made for the adequate treatment of loneliness and correlated violent, antisocial behavior. A need is recognized for more research into the psychosocial, emotional, neurobiological, cultural, and ethnic determinants of loneliness and their correlation to specific antisocial and/or criminal behavior.

Wright, Jeremy, and Christopher Hensley. “From Animal Cruelty to Serial Murder: Applying the Gradua-tion Hypothesis.”<i>Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology</i> 47.1 (2003): 71-88. Web.
Although serial murder has been recorded for centuries, limited academic attention has been given to this important topic. Scholars have attempted to examine the causality and motivations behind the rare phe-nomenon of serial murder. However scant research exists which delves into the childhood characteristics of serial murderers. Using social learning theory, some of these studies present supporting evidence for a link between childhood animal cruelty and adult aggression toward humans. Based on five case studies of serial murderers, we contribute to the existing literature by exploring the possible link between childhood cruelty toward animals and serial murder with the application of the graduation hypothesis.

– Length: 6-10 pages, 1900-3000 words

– For this paper, you will need to use at least five (5) critical sources relevant to your topic. While doing research, keep track as to whether the source is a journal article, book article, book chapter, or web source.

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