Research Paper Topic

Research Paper Topic


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Research Paper Topic Writing Tips

The selection of a research topic is crucial in the accomplishment of a study. The steps below could guide in the selection of an appropriate topic.

Brainstorm for thoughts

  • Find an interesting topic
  • Devise different ways of structuring your topic
  • Consult with your supervisor

Acquire Appropriate Background Information

You should find, identify, and select appropriate reading sources including library catalogs, bibliographies, primary and secondary sources, books, journal articles, and other relevant documents.

Establish a focus

You should make the topic manageable because a broad or narrow topic may be hard to research. You could limit the topic by”

  • Geographical context
  • Culture
  • Timeframe
  • Discipline
  • Demographics

Identify Useful Keywords

Track down the words used in describing your topic

  • Identify the best words describing the topic
  • Find narrower or broader synonyms and concepts
  • Note the usage of the words

Maintain Flexibility

The topic may require modification once the research begins. This will require the formulation of a flexible topic to allow the removal or addition of some aspects

Define the Topic as a Focused Question

Begin with the abstract idea, develop a focused interest based on the problem or interest, and create a question that will guide the research process

Establish a Thesis Statement

Since the research question may not be similar to the research topic, you should establish a succinct thesis statement before settling on a specific topic.


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