Research Paper Writing

Research Paper Writing


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Research Paper Writing Tips

The following generic steps could guide the process.

Identify an appropriate topic

Identify, sort, and select reading resources

  • Gather a plethora of documents to review, sort them based on relevance, and select the most appropriate

Writing the Paper


  • Give the relevant background information on the topic
    • A few statistics could strengthen the introduction
  • Define the important terms used
  • State the problem being investigated
  • Formulate hypothesis or state the objectives
  • Highlight the organization of the paper


  • Start with a brief review of the previous literature
    • Organize the review according to points
    • Appraise the literature rather than report
    • Move from abstraction to complexity
  • Outline the methods and materials
    • Include the design, participants, and procedures used in the collection of data
    • Third-person passive voice is allowed in writing the methods section


  • Summarize and illustrate the findings with appropriate tables and figures
  • Provide context through outlining the question addressed in each observation
  • The text should complement the tables and figures
  • Use past tense in presenting the results


  • Deliberate whether the data supports/refutes the hypothesis or it fulfills the objectives
  • Relate the findings to the literature


  • Restate the thesis
  • Summarize the argument and findings
  • Explain the implications of the findings
  • Make recommendations

Revising the paper

  • Proofread the paper for errors
  • Review the organization
  • Check sentence and paragraph level concerns
  • Ensure all the cited sources are in the bibliography


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