Researching The stories of “Araby” by James Joyce and “Stolen party” Liliana Hecker.

First, Hello I have assignment, which is talk about chapter 15 by using this book Robbins, S.P., and Hunsaker, P.L. (2012). Training in Interpersonal Skills, 6th ed. Prentice Hall, Boston, MA. ISBN-13: 978-0132551748.
I want you to have this book so you have idea what I am talking about it.
Second, There is direction in how to need to write about this chapter, I already did the assignment as first draft and the end of each instruction in each chapter they talk about Strengths Finder, which I already upload, to you so you can talk about it. Last paragraph just your thought about the assignment in general
Chapter 15 Assignment

Complete the Are you a Change Leader Assessment on Page 236
Select 1 of the questions from the APPLICATION QUESTIONS ON PAGE 253
Write a reflection that incorporates the following:

What # in the Application Questions did you decide to address?
Based on the questions in the Application Question respond in your reflection
Answer the question(s) completely
Write your assessment, analysis, and ideas for personal improvement.
Make sure to incorporate material from the chapter in your response.

Review your Strengths Finder Assessment Results – incorporate the following statement in your reflection:

Thinking about your Strengths Finder results – How can your strengths finder theme(s) help you in making the change you are working on for this assignment?


How helpful or insightful has it been to complete the self-awareness/personal assessments this semester?
What improvements would you suggest changing to the format of the personal reflections?


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