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Resume Writing Tips

Writing a high quality resume is harder than writing a bad one. The following tips could help in writing a quality resume.

Step 1: Identify the job context

Before writing the resume, understand the context of the for which you are applying

Step 2: Identify keywords

Employers and recruiters tend to gauge resumes based on some keywords. Therefore, you should identify the appropriate keywords based on the job context.

Step 3: Select a format

You could select the chronological, functional, or combination resume format because one size does not fit all.

Step 4: Create an appropriate heading

A catchy title for your resume will go a long way in creating a positive impression to the employer.

Step 5: Write the job objective

A resume may include the job objective. However, one may consider writing only the job title for the resume to appear more professional.

 Step 6: Summarize your qualifications

The part should clearly and market oneself to the employers based on what they need.

Step 7: Outline your experience

Outlining your work history will prove whether you have the requisite experience the employer seeks

Step 8: List your achievements

One’s achievements reveal whether you are worth interviewing or hiring for the job.


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