Role of Social Media in Imroving Public Relations Performance

Role of Social Media in Imroving Public Relations Performance
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The topic idea: what is the Role of Social Media in Improving Public Relations Performance. so,Here is the Key points:
1- you should refer to definition of social media and public relations.
2- mention to that social media has many plat forms like face book, twitter, Snap chat, Instagram, etc.
3- In this proposal i will focus just in tweeter and Snapchat.
4- mention to Excellence theory that focus on how public relations makes organizations more effective.
5- Limitations of this study.
6- mention to the method that I will use in this thesis, it will be “qualitative and quantitative method”
7- References no minimum 5 and (it must be credible sources, like books, preview articles, and credible articles) This is a phd proposal, so the resources must be credible. Please, when quote any sentence, you should refer the resources.
The paper must be divided to many subtitles. Here is structure of the paper and the subtitles that i want:
1- Title Page.
2- Abstract.
3- Introduction.
4- significance of research.
5- literature review.
6- Methodology.
7- limitations of the study and expected results.
8- References.
when you finish, send the sources that you use to me by a pdf files to my email.

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