Sample Essay

A sample essay is an important tool for ensuring that the paper a student submits to the tutor receives positive feedback. However, there are a number of misconceptions people have developed against students’ use of sample essays.

Sample Essays Encourage Student Laziness Due to Copying

This is purely false since a sample essay will inspire a student to work harder when he or she realizes that they can write a very good paper from a single simple topic. The sample essay therefore encourages the students to eagerly build their own papers from simple topics.

Sample Essays Present Ideas to Students Discouraging Thinking

This misconception has no concrete evidence because when a sample paper presents ideas to students, they start to think of other ideas they can present aside from what was provided in the sample. Human beings are naturally competitive and the sample essay only encourages a student to work harder for more ideas than those in the sample.

Sample Essays Provide all References Discouraging Students from Being Resourceful

This idea is untrue because going through a quality sample essay itself stimulates the resourcefulness of a student. This is because finding a good quality sample essay is not an easy task and when a student finds one, then he or she is a resourceful student. Moreover, students often compare the resources found in the sample so as to determine whether they can use them by examining their dates to see if they are up to date.

Clarifying the True Facts about Sample Essays

The above misconceptions are just a few of many other arguments presented against sample essays. We can oppose these misconceptions because there is no solid evidence to declare them as being valid. What we can prove is that sample essays not only aid students in meeting their daily writing needs but also address the other responsibilities they previously ignored.

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