Service Innovation, SME sector, Energy industry

Service Innovation, SME sector, Energy industry
Methodology write up support please
Quantitative data from Sales data. Raw sales data from the CRM system showing pre-sales per agent,
of these sales how many actually get accepted and converted to sales, volume of outbound calls made
to achieve. Value of sales and contract duration (suspect that new team are selling the same but at
higher margin and longer contracts).

Data covering 12months during which the function was relocated and a new team put in place.

Agent data from HR showing length of time in industry, age, experience, what % of salary is
commission led.

Questionnaire survey run on the new team to identify their perspectives on the performance of the
business and brand, where it’s going, what makes it successful. Old team not available for survey
(as made redundant).

Case Study approach as suspect that there are multiple factors influencing the development of the
business and it’s service innovation, rather than one single topic.

Short Interview held with MD and Sales Director – SME business so time is short and no interest in
holding a formal interview – some info is better than no data.

The analysis is business sensitive hence no external surveys completed and all internal activity

Also examine the product that is sold – as a broker it is a contract between customer and supplier,
not tangible/physical, methodology to support analysis on operant resource (SD Logic).

Short analysis is taken on three competitor websites to highlight the gaps in the service process
when compared to our existing site.

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