SOCI3045 Final papers

SOCI3045 Final papers
Description: Students are required to write a research essay on any one child related issue, along the following guidelines.
Content and evaluation grid: (please use subtitle)
Introduction: 2.5
Research review: 15.0
a) A sociological perspective of the issue (home, family and community influences): 5.0
b) An anthropological perspective of the issue (culture, belief systems, roles and expectations and gender): 5.0
c) Rights based perspective (individual rights, responsibilities and participation): 5.0
Personal thoughts and perspectives: 2.5
Bibliography: 5.0

*Bibliography should include book resources and peer reviewed articles apart from the web resources. Each category needs to be presented separately in APA style. A minimum of five resources are required from each resource.

Some of the issues to look into:
Indigenous children
Street children
Children caught in trafficking
Children in armed conflict
Child soldiers
Child laborers
Children in poverty
Children in conflict with the law
Girl children
Sexual exploitation of children and child pornography
HIV/AIDS affected children
Child poverty
Environmental impacts
Impact of culture, religion and gender
Impact of cultural practices and rituals: FGM, Albino children, Child Marriages, Female foetecide & Infanticide.

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