The Economy of Nigeria

Wike to INEC: Stick to card readers in 2019 elections
Nyesom Wike, the Governor of Rivers State, has asked Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure high chances of flexibility and integrity for the general elections expected in 2019.  The governor is greatly stressing the importance of voter’s card reader. The governor predicts high chances of election rigging unless INEC effectively employs the card reader. The governor has encouraged the national government to invest on INEC to facilitate free and fair elections greatly. The governor also believes the party will ensure fairness and equality to all the old and newly received members. The governor is indicating that the only way Nigeria can enjoy free and fair elections is by investing in the card readers and ensuring the INEC has all the required resources to run an election (Jerven et al. 129)
Why government loses corruption cases by Femi Falana
According to the declarations by ECOWAS Court, Federal high court and FCT high court, the former national security adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki should be admitted to bail. The Buhari administration is very much focused on developing a solution to the corruption cases in the country. The administration is focused on ensuring the government does not lose a corruption case again. According to Femi Fulana, the government is likely to lose corruption cases due to the few number of the prosecutors and investigators in the country. The low funding pattern to the anti-graft agency is also a challenge that makes the government lose various corruption cases. The government should invest in the anti-graft agencies to win such cases. The appointment of the majority of the members of the anti-graft commissions is individuals from different state-federal departments. This is not effective, and the government should consider employing people from outside the federal government to ensure they win graft cases.
The government of Nigeria should also ensure the recovery of the misused money in the country reinvest the same in the development process of the economy. This will also result in the growth of the anti-graft agency in the country. The government should also ensure an end to the corruption cases by also prosecuting public officers involved in corruption cases. The government has shown a god indication by arresting some judges involved in graft cases. This is a sign of commitment from the government to fight graft cases (Olotu et al. 27).
The government should thus greatly enhance the transparency levels within the government and especially the anti-graft agencies. The level of commitment from the government and anti-graft agencies should increase to ensure the government wins the anti-graft cases.
The new virtual secretary for businesses
Prime VA is an agency that ensures the provision of virtual assistance to the entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur must love everything he does. The tax calculations and administrative support of the business should, however, be done by a different individual to ensure the success of the business. Prime VA offers support to the business administration’s that facilitate the development of revenue generating activities.  Prime VA also assists in writing the care cover letter to various participants participating in the organization’s activities. Prime VA has different social media platforms such as Twitter and integral and a website where interested participants can communicate with the organization.
Nigeria farmers are technology illiterate
Nigeria greatly needs to diversify into other sectors because of the decline in the oil revenue. The agriculture and technology sectors are the ones considered vibrant enough to sustain the Nigerian economy. Technology and agriculture are greatly related to every economy. However, there is a great knowledge gap between the agricultural farmers in Nigeria and the technology changes in the country. The oil farmers in Nigeria should also ensure the constant use of technology to increase the yield. The Nigerian government should facilitate the development of various programs to enhance the technological knowledge of the farmers in Nigeria.
It’s victory for all, say members
The issuance of a license to copyright society of Nigeria is considered a victory for all the members. The members have greatly struggled for the same for many years and thus are very glad. They, therefore, believe that commitment and determination can ensure a person achieves the various goals no matter the duration it may take. They also believe that copyright is an intellectual property that should be highly respected and protected.
Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, others beat Nigeria on global trade logistics index
The new trade logistics performance index released by the World Bank indicates that Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, and Sao Tome have outperformed Nigeria to the position four. Cote D’Ivoire leads the West African countries with a mean of 2.6 and is followed by both Sao Tome and Senegal registering a mean of 2.59. The scorecard of the countries mainly depended on some exports and imports experienced by the countries.  The logistics industry in Nigeria has experienced various challenges and is contributing to the low ranking rate. The government of Nigeria should thus ensure appropriate ensure an increase in funding to boost the industry in Nigeria and to increase the economic growth in Nigeria.
How the events will increase the general diversity within Nigeria
The Nigerian economy depends on various factors that affect the growth and development process of the economy. The elections in the country greatly affect the economic growth of Nigeria. The elections expected in the country in the year 2019 are expected to result in either positive or negative impact. The elections should thus be free and fair as postulated by the governor. Free and fair elections result in the development of peace and understanding within the country, which increases the level of investments in the country (Jerven et al. 136).The government should thus conduct every possible investment on the forthcoming election through the electoral commission to ensure free and fair outcomes.
According to Femi Falana, the government of Nigeria frequently loses the cases against corruption during to the application of unfavorable approaches. The government should thus ensure the investment in the anti-graft agencies in the country to increase the competence of such commissions. An increase in the corruption cases in Nigeria likely affects the economic growth of the country negatively. Corruption leads to the unfair and inequitable distribution of resources in the country. The resources are mainly distributed among the individuals of the highest social class with a high rate of influence in government. This results in high rate of dependency and thus affects the growth of the economy. The government should thus ensure the development of various mechanisms that can facilitate the reduction and elimination of the corruption cases in Nigeria.
The growth and development of the small and medium size enterprises in Nigeria greatly contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy. The majority of the Nigerian population is mainly employed in the medium size industries in the country. The Prime VA agency ensures the development of such enterprises in the country. The agency ensures the provision of services that facilitate the development of such businesses. The agency offers advisory services to the business owners in such sectors. The government should thus ensure the development of the sector by investing in the development of the sector as this would create more job opportunities and enhance the Nigerian economy.
Technology is a fundamental aspect of any developing economy. Technology ensures the development and expansion of the different sectors of the economy. The agricultural and technological sectors in Nigeria are the ones expected to boost the economy of Nigeria. The oil production in Nigeria has experienced a significant reduction in the level of revenue collection in the country. The government should thus ensure technological advancement in the country to boost the economy. The government should also ensure the various agricultural farmers in Nigeria greatly develop technological skills to enhance the levels of production. This will facilitate economic growth in Nigeria (Jerven et al. 141).
Copyright Association of Nigeria has recently received the license the association has greatly struggle to get over the years. This is very imperative to the development process of the country. The issuance of the license is likely to improve the level of originality in the country. This will greatly increase the level of innovation and research in Nigeria. Research is very imperative for any developing country since it enhances the level of innovation.
Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Sao Tome have recently beaten Nigeria on global trade logistics index released by the World Bank. Nigeria has experienced a great reduction in the amounts of exports and imports in the country. The government of Nigeria should ensure the development of a close relationship with various investors to boost the level of exports and imports in the country. The government should also facilitate high levels of financial funding to the sectors such as agriculture, technology, and oil production to enhance the level of production in the country. The Nigerian government should also ensure the development of appropriate investment climate that attracts both local and foreign investors. This will increase the production levels in the various sectors of the Nigerian economy.
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