The False Principle of Our Education by Max Stirner

Begin by reading Max Stirner’s short essay The False Principle of our Education and any other useful background materials. Then answer each of the following questions in proper paragraph(s) and sentences and in a manner which displays the quality of your understanding of our coursework. Stay on your topic, number your answers, and try to limit your answers to a single page a piece. Do not exceed 6 pages in total.
1. Briefly locate Max Stirner in the History of Social Thought by using the same 3 questions you used to assess the subject of your oral presentation.
2. In your own words, explain your understanding of Stirner’s thesis in his reading. Do not summarize his his argument. Rather, discuss his thesis and its implications. You need to locate the thesis yourself.
3. Rate the impact of Douglass (Narrative of the Life), Freud (Civilization and its Discontents), and Stirner on the History of Social Thought. Each made contributions, but who had the greatest impact? Defend your answers in detail as time and space allow.
4. Offer your own opinions of Stirner’s thinking- Are you “pro” or “con” as regards his views? Or maybe both- explain and defend your views in detail.
5. In closing- At a length of your own choice, assess the value of the History of Social Thought. Are the questions raised worthy of our trouble? Why or why not? Try to explain why you feel as you do.

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