Thesis Statement Writing

Thesis Statement Writing


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Formulating a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement should focus the ideas of the paper in at most two sentences. The thesis statement is formulated based on the type of paper (analytical, argumentative, expository, or persuasive). In formulating the statement, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is the statement specific?

The thesis statement should be specific and clear but flexible to allow modifications later if needed

  1. Is the statement excessively general?

Your thesis statement should have limits to allow the accomplishment of the study within the specified length.

  1. Is the statement clear?

A clear thesis statement means that any reader can understand the focus of the study by just reading it. You should avoid technical jargon, vague words (e.g. unusual, negative, difficult e.t.c.), or abstract words (e.g. values, culture, society e.t.c.).

  1. Does the statement communicate the position taken?

The thesis should not announce the topic only, but also state the position pertinent to the topic, as well as the plan to evaluate or analyze the issue

  1. Is the statement novel?

You should avoid generic statements because they will lead to challenges in answering “So what?” question in conclusion.


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