To establish a state-of-the-art hub for ICT Research & Regulation in UAE

You have been hired as a consultant to make a feasibility study and high level plan of the following project concept. Project Concept To establish a state-of-the-art hub for ICT Research & Regulation in UAE to: i. Become the thought-leader in the ICT sphere ii. Develop research capabilities in Monitoring and Surveillance technology iii. Become the UAE’s foremost regulator for Monitoring & Surveillance technology and be responsible for: • Certifying equipment, applications and all related technology • Providing technology support to entities in the sector • Providing training to entities using surveillance technology • Providing advice to Govt. and other entities on all aspects related to the technology iv. Undertake ‘Proof of Concept’ trials and certify products v. Derive and implement a Transition Plan for knowledge transfer to the UAE Workforce vi. Strategically partner with the Govt. in policy-making vii. Initiate and support research initiatives to develop indigenous products in the selected ICT spheres and enable convergence of IT Security and physical security Your study should answer and include all of the below Identify the elements of the Concept 1. Defining the vision/mission of the Lab 2. Identifying the key activities to be undertaken by the Lab 3. Defining the approach for each key activity i.e. ▪Research & Development ▪Certification ▪Regulation ▪Educational initiatives ▪Training 4. Prerequisites for setting up High Level Plan for establishing each of the elements of the Concept 1. Defining the Lab Concept in terms of: • Type of entity (local/federal), regulatory requirements • Location, Size of facility • Partners (technology, research) • Agreements / MoUs / Contractual relationships – terms, clauses, negotiations 2. Broad estimates of resources required: – People – type, number, phasing, sourcing, cost – Technology (excluding the R&D requirements) – Finance – Capex and Opex estimates 3. Market study to project the annual revenue streams e.g. • Estimate population of devices (additions/replacements) by category in AD market • Estimate the potential PoCs viz. types of equipment, devices 4. Legal aspect. Determines whether the proposed concepts conflict with legal requirements in UAE. Will it cause some legal issues with vendors and international companies working within UAE.

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