United States’ attempt to build the Panama Canal.

TOPIC: United States’ attempt to build the Panama Canal.


  • Please identify risks (using inputs, tools & techniques and outputs) associated with United States’ attempt to build the Panama Canal.
  • Please use the bellow Qualitative and Quantitative tools and techniques to determine how these risks could have been prioritized, analyzed and mitigated. If you are uploading a table or chart, it must have proper APA Style citations.
  • Qualitative methods:
    • Probability and Impact matrix
    • Risk Urgency Assessment
  • Quantitative Methods:
    • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Include your results/analysis of your data.
    • Results/Analysis: Data should be summarized, presented and supported with properly labeled figures and tables (see APA Style Guide). Be as complete as possible in the presentation, however make certain you are ‘demonstrating’ probability calculations and other methods. Results, in addition to data, may be shown graphically.


Grading Criteria



Grading Criteria Score


Feedback & Comments
5 Comprehension and application of PMBOK Guide 11.2 process (Identify Risks):   inputs, tools & techniques and outputs
5 Evidence of research, diverse citations on risk management methods studied in assigned readings, and current citations on research topic
5 Application of performing qualitative and quantitative methods studied from PMBOK Guide (section 11.3 and 11.4), assigned readings and external research this semester
5 Demonstration of and discussion of monitoring, controlling risks (PMBOK Guide sections 11.5 and 11.6) and mitigation methodologies applied to analysis of team paper topic



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