What is the Value of a College Education?

Word count: 1500+ (10% of grade)

Evaluation based on the following skills:

Using the Rogerian argument “format”

Making a central claim/argument

Supporting your claims with evidence from assigned texts

Using in-text documentation correctly with signal phrases, evidence, and page numbers

Using bits of quotes from at least 4 sources

Using indirect quotes from at least 2 sources

Paraphrasing when appropriate

Writing primarily in 3rd person (unless giving a personal example. Avoid the informal 2nd person “you”).

Using active voice and writing focused sentences

Using subordinating clauses (although, even though, though, while, whereas,

because, since, if, unless, etc.) as transitions


Readings :

“Rogers” (from book chapter “A Psychologist’s View” from the 5th edition of Critical Thinking, Reading and   Writing, edited by Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau, published by Bedford/St. Martin’s Press, Boston, 2005)


“Rogerian Argument and Common Ground”


from Fields of Reading: “What Is College For?” p. 627

“On the Uses of a Liberal Education” p. 630

“Even for Cashiers, College Pays Off” p. 646

“Project Classroom Makeover”

“The Next Drive-Thru U” p. 660

“The Case against College” p. 671

“How to Write a Great College

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