Women and Donald Trump

Since time immemorial, women have fallen victim of different types of discrimination. Despite the fact female activists such as Susan B Anthony and Ida Wells have tried to champion for the rights of women, they still face discrimination. America, just as any other country is known of having presidents discriminate against their women and currently, it has made the headlines again voting in a president who discriminates against women, Donald Trump. However, as time progressed, these presidents changed their perception regarding women thus begging the question: will Trump change his racist attitude towards women too?
During his campaigns, Trump attacked women publicly, showing how low he viewed women in the society. Most American women think their rights will be discriminated upon in the Trump administration, when they compare his verbal attacks on them with the past attacks of the former United States president, Woodrow Wilson. Trump has been using abusive words when referring to women, for example in a past speech where he publicly referred to female journalists as pigs and dogs. Additionally, during his campaigns, Trump used offensive language and threats when addressing his female counterpart Hillary Clinton. However, Trump’s perception towards women may be slowly changing in a closer look to how he has been relating to women recently. During the International Women’s Day, Trump expressed his great honor to women for their important roles in America, and the whole world in large. In relation to this speech, it seems that Trump is changing his racist perception towards women due to his stay in office.

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